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The Art of Building on Ideas

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Holding a rural festival on food self-sufficiency and sovereignty, developing a land bank, making the first Acadian kombucha, raising livestock, and growing organic fruits and vegetables are all activities that the incredible team at Ferme Terre Partagée in New Brunswick juggle brilliantly.

We’re very proud to have Kevin, Rébeka and their team in Équiterre’s family farmer network.

Building relationships between land, food and traditions

For six generations, farmers have lived on, shaped and farmed land in Rogersville, Acadia. Today, Ferme Terre Partagée mainly produces organic vegetables and strawberries, eggs, beef and pork, which are sold at local markets and to organic basket subscribers.

But the owners want to do more! They want to build a resilient community with their experienced team and continue making history for the farm by adding a social component with a focus on food sovereignty.

2017: An exciting year for the farm!

When it comes to achieving those goals, the team isn’t short of ideas or energy!

In 2016, it launched a land bank initiative, Rêvons La Ridge [Let’s Dream the Ridge] (named after the neighbouring road), to attract farmers and turn the land into farmland again. Pierre-Olivier Brassard and Philippe Gervais are the first farmers to join the collective this year. Pierre-Olivier will be working in the fields while Philippe develops a line of kombucha drinks using products primarily from the farm.

For two summers now, the farm has organized and held the Festival Folk Fraise [Strawberry Folk Fest]. This year, it’ll be on July 15 and 16. It’s an opportunity for the farm’s partners to celebrate rural Acadia by attending workshops and conferences on food sovereignty and self-sufficiency. There’ll be dancing with a caller, DIY workshops and strawberry picking. Everyone is welcome! It’s a weekend to get inspired and tickle your taste buds.

The farm also joined the Équiterre family farmer network this year. Organic baskets are a marketing approach that has recently taken off thanks to the farm’s supporters. This new direction, in addition to the services provided by Équiterre and strong ties between Quebec and Acadia, spurred the move.

Whoever said country life was relaxing?! ;)

There is still time to subscribe for a season of organic baskets, until farms are fully booked. Some farms deliver until october, november and december!