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Unexpected benefits of organic baskets

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When you sign up for an organic basket, you get a lot more than just vegetables. You reconnect with nature every week all summer by receiving fresh, local and organic vegetables—a bit like having a vegetable garden near your home. You pick up your vegetables as if you were going to the supermarket, but we’ve done the math, and in 2016, an organic basket from one of our family farmers costs on average 14% less than the equivalent selection in grocery stores. For example, a pound of organic carrots costs $2 in grocery stores. The same amount in a basket from an Équiterre family farmer costs $1.72. A similar price, but organic baskets have the edge.

Here are some of the added benefits of signing up for an organic basket with a family farmer. 


Let’s take the example of the carrots again. When you receive carrots in your basket—freshly picked the day before delivery—you get the tops, too. They’re great for making a base for delicious soups or in quiches—fresh, green and packed with extra vitamins.


You’ll receive all the usuals, and sometimes a special treat—a vegetable you’re unfamiliar with and wouldn’t buy at the grocery store. It’ll come with a recipe idea and you may find that it becomes a favourite.


Picking up your organic basket is something to look forward to each week. It’s an enjoyable, social occasion. You’ll often be outside in a friendly atmosphere, surrounded by the familiar faces of laughing children and adults. You’ll say hello and soon you’ll be swapping recipes. It’s also a chance to thank your farmer for last week’s delicious discovery.

Near the end of the season, when you find yourself already looking forward to seeing your family farmer again next summer, you can often visit the farm to reconnect, help out and thank those who grew vegetables for you all summer. 

Yet another benefit!

Sign up for an organic basket here. :)