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Volkswagen is Circumventing our Laws: When Will the Government Act?

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Sidney Ribaux of Équiterre and Tim Gray of Environmental Defence recently filed a complaint with the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change Canada, denouncing the delay and lack of prosecution of Volkswagen, which has circumvented Canadian laws, in addition to flouting consumers, who bought these vehicles on false representations. The car manufacturer has been found guilty in several other jurisdictions of having used a secret software that allows their diesel vehicles and those of the Audi brand (also owned by the German giant) to pass the standard environmental tests. They emit 35 times the level of nitrogen oxide pollution considered dangerous.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada has been investigating the "diesel engine scandal" for almost two years, without pursuing the company for circumventing its laws. Legal action by consumers in Quebec and Ontario, and criminal prosecutions by governments in the United States and Europe have won, forcing Volkswagen to pay billions of dollars in compensation. "As soon as a company pleads guilty in other jurisdictions, the Crown has no need to prove that guilt again. In this case, the Canadian government has no risk of losing its case, but has done nothing for nearly two years! It is quite strange, and absolutely unacceptable", explained Sidney Ribaux, whose cause is represented by Ecojustice.

To view the complaint filed by Sidney Ribaux and Tim Gray, click here.