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Vote for the environment in the federal election

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Actu - Élections 2015 belugas Équiterre unveiled a new awareness campaign on July 31 at the Aquarium du Québec to encourage voters and politicians to take a clear position on climate change in the upcoming federal election.

A short video, Aux elections fédérales, votez pour un parti qui a l’environnement à coeur [Vote for a party that cares about the environment!], which gives a voice to belugas concerned about their future, is being broadcast in the Quebec City area and circultates on the Web. 

In our special election section (French only) there are tools and resources for citizens who want to learn more, get involved and show their support for the environment.

Please watch and share the video and tools as much as you can! The more of us who call on our future representatives to defend the climate, the better they’ll understand that they have to make concrete commitments to climate action if they want to be elected.