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We must protect our agricultural land to secure Quebec’s food supply

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We can’t eat residential development projects.

We can’t eat innovation centres.

We can’t eat shopping centres or their parking lots.

Our agricultural land is a precious and vital resource.

And yet, the pressure on this resource has reached alarming levels. Despite the Act Respecting the Preservation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Activities, which took effect 40 years ago, our farmland continues to disappear year after year on account of urban sprawl and financial and real estate speculation. An estimated 35,000 hectares have been affected over the past 20 years.

It’s time that the protection of our agricultural land becomes a priority in Quebec.

Despite the desire of the public and of the government to promote local food and food autonomy, the numerous instances of or attempts at rezoning agricultural land in recent years demonstrate the importance of remaining vigilant with regards to protecting our farmlands.

A province-wide conversation

Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Andrée Laforest has announced a province-wide conversation about land use in Quebec, with the intention of setting out a coherent vision. But this conversation cannot be taken seriously if, at the same time, the province continues to allow development projects to proceed and urban sprawl.

Therefore, while this province-wide conversation takes place, we are calling on the Quebec government to institute a moratorium on agricultural rezoning.

Sign the petition calling for a moratorium on agricultural rezoning >>

During this conversation, Équiterre and its partners will be working to help build a national vision in order to avoid the destruction of farmland and natural environments.

The pandemic has laid bare the fragility of our food systems and the importance of Quebec’s food autonomy.

Please sign the petition to tell the Quebec government that our farmland must be a priority.