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CONTEST: Eat local and organic all winter long!

Our contest is OVER! Thank you for your participation.

Yes, it is possible to eat local and organic all winter long with organic baskets from the Family Farmers Network!

The vegetables in our organic baskets are grown without synthetic pesticides, from seeds that have not been genetically modified (GMO) and are planted in a crop rotation system. Your farmer works hard to keep the soil healthy by using green fertilizers, installing birdhouses and anti-insect netting to guard against invasive species, while keeping the good ones in the soil. Your farmer uses muscle power as much as anything to keep the soil soft.

Supporting your family farmer is also a great way of ensuring that you’ll be eating high-quality, a way to support local supply practices, which significantly cut down on the number of kilometers your food travels and therefore on greenhouse gas emissions. Équiterre and Family Farmers Network encourage you to support local organic farming practices that feed our community while respecting the environment and taking care of our planet!

Subscribe for your organic baskets 

Subscribe for your fall or winter organic basket before October 21 and automatically be entered for the chance to win:

  • A tasting dinner for two, with wine pairings at the restaurant Manitoba, in Montreal, a value of $230.
  • A one night stay for 4 people in the cabin of your choice, at Rond Coin, in St-Élie-de-Caxton, a value of $250
  • A reimbursement of your subscription of the organic baskets from the Family Farmers network for the 2019/2020 fall or winter season, value of $350*

It's $830 in prizes! **

1st prize: Dinner at Manitoba
Treat yourself to a blind tasting menu in a relaxing atmosphere at a restaurant that focuses on wild ingredients, and of course works closely with many family farmers. A favorite of famous chef Curieux Bégin, come and see for yourself what you have been missing!

2nd prize: A night to remember at Rond Coin
Discover a little piece of paradise, with unique accommodations (yurts, wooden igloos, gypsy caravans). Just steps away from your campsite, you can enjoy a coffee in their café located in a giant yurt, where you can even get a massage! When you visit Rond Coin it feels as if time has stopped, and you can truly enjoy the moment…

3rd prize: Reimbursement of your fall / winter subscription
The Family Farmers Network is made up of young farmers, families who have passed on their farming methods from generation to generation, as well as professionals who have reoriented themselves towards farming. The farmers we select come from all walks of life, but they have one point in common, they are committed to providing healthy, nutrition food for their fellow citizens.


Subscribe for your organic baskets

* The winner will be refunded their subscription for the fall/winter 2019 season, up to a maximum of $350 before taxes.

**The three winners of the "Eat local and organic all winter long" contest will be drawn at random from the organic basket fall/winter season subscriptions received by Family Farmers Network before October 21, 2019. For more details, view contest rules (in French only).