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2021 federal election - Canadian environmental organizations rallying citizens to demand climate action

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Équiterre and a group of leading environmental organizations have launched the One Earth One Vote campaign to mobilize Canadians to demand bold climate action during the 2021 federal election campaign. The group has agreed on 7 key environmental demands that our federal parties must commit to during this election campaign.


One Earth One Vote - 7 Key Environmental Demands

To respond to the climate emergency and the biodiversity crisis, the federal government must commit to the following actions:

  1. Respect and uphold the rights, treaties, and conservation priorities of Indigenous Peoples, and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples;
  2. Ensure that climate and nature action are a priority through a green and just pandemic recovery;
  3. Recognize the right to a healthy environment and take action on environmental justice and racism while improving laws that protect people and nature from toxics and plastic pollution;
  4. Reverse nature loss by protecting and effectively managing at least 30% of land and freshwater and 30% of ocean by 2030, and increasing investments in nature-based climate solutions;
  5. Invest in Indigenous-led land-use planning, the establishment of Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas and their stewardship by Indigenous Guardians; Indigenous-led efforts to restore and steward species-at-risk and habitat; and recognize and respect Indigenous knowledge in all aspects of nature conservation in Canada.
  6. Stop expanding and subsidizing fossil fuels and nuclear energy, and reduce Canada’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2030 to do our fair share globally;
  7. Ensure a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels, with a plan that supports workers, communities, and marginalized groups in the just and fair transition to a sustainable economy.

What’s at stake

The fall federal election will be pivotal in determining the future we want for our families, communities, and planet. The climate and nature crises are here. Together, we have witnessed a devastating heat dome shatter temperature records and wildfires tear through forests across western Canada, claiming hundreds of lives and destroying homes and wildlife habitats.

We know that, like COVID, climate change and environmental degradation will continue to disproportionately impact people of colour and low-income communities. But no one will escape. We need a government that we can trust to address the systemic inequalities that perpetuate environmental racism and harm some of Canada's most vulnerable communities.

Our collective responsibility

As citizens of this country and this planet, we must demand that all federal parties commit to immediate and ambitious climate action during this campaign, and then we must hold them to their promises after the election.

>> Send the demands to your local candidates and to federal party leaders