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Set up I get neighbourhood!

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Say yes to public transit, active transportation and local shopping with the I get around… My neighbourhood! campaign.

  • stimulate the local economy
  • foster goodwill between neighbours
  • protect human and environmental health
  • make your community a better place!

Tested in six different Quebec neighbourhoods. Want yours to be next? Here are some ideas to get you started. For more information, visit our Tools page. (French only)

Calling all shopkeepers!

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of customers arrive on foot, bike or transit. Are you serving them well? (All links French only)

  • identify your strengths and weaknesses (Are local crossings pedestrian safe? Is there a bus stop or metro station nearby? A bike rack?)
  • survey your staff and customers on their travel habits
  • make improvements, e.g, install bike racks or lockers for employees to store helmets and other active transportation gear
  • offer home delivery
  • make it easier for staff or customers to take a cab: establish an agreement with a taxi company, keep the number of a cab company posted by the phone, know where the nearest stand is…

Employers, take action!

Show that your company really cares: take action to protect the environment and nurture your community. It will reinforce your public image and attract clientele (1).

  • Offer a carpool service for employees. Give public transit tickets for in-town business travel.
  • Reserve a parking space for car sharing.
  • Is there a transportation management center like Montreal’s Allégo in your city to help your company set up a sustainable transportation plan?

Municipal representatives, take action!

Set an example for constituents and reap the benefits: cities that invest in sustainable development improve their public image and increase competivity. The way our cities are built influences how we get around, so make sure that your citizens have access to alternatives to car travel that are safe, affordable and practical (2). And remember that it costs less to invest in amenities for pedestrians and cyclists than it does to maintain our roadways and manage traffic jams. Public transport development makes more economic sense for our communities.

What can you do?

  • add bike racks and bike lanes
  • adopt traffic calming measures
  • identify streets or areas that can be closed to cars for community events or on a seasonal basis

For more ideas, see our tools page. For more information, please contact us by email,, or by phone at (514) 522-2000, ext. 239 or toll free at 1-877-272-6656.

(1) Pollard, Trip, «Policy Prescriptions for Healthier Communities», American Journal of health Promotion, vol 18, no 1. p.111-112, 2003.
(2) ESOMAR (Association internationale des professionnels des études de marché et d’opinion), « The impact of climate change on business - The rise of the green consumer? », 2008.