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A new web portal to support the sustainable food movement

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With its goal of making sustainable food more accessible to all Quebecers, Commun’assiette has launched a new web portal to support and encourage Quebec institutions to put more healthy, local and environmentally responsible food on their menu. Commun’assiette is a community of practice for sustainable institutional food established by Équiterre and its partners in 2020. The new Commun’assiette web portal contains close to 100 valuable resources to help institutions develop sustainable food services and to set targets for local food procurement.

Frequented by millions of people, our public institutions are well positioned to encourage Quebecers to adopt healthy and sustainable eating habits. Équiterre is proud to be making a difference in sustainable institutional food in Quebec and to support Commun’assiette’s 40-member community of practice.

“We need to grow the sustainable food movement in order to make our food systems more resilient and to improve our food security.” Murielle Vrins, Program Manager, Sustainable Food

Why create a web portal for sustainable institutional food?

The Commun’assiette web portal was designed to mobilize institutions, small and large and from all sectors, to make progress on sustainable food supply and to set targets for local food procurement. The portal is a central location for tools, key resources, how-to’s and initiatives. It’s also a place to rally stakeholders and specialists around the need to encourage and facilitate sustainable food procurement in Quebec.

The web portal seeks to simplify the transition to local, healthy and environmentally responsible food - a transition that is beneficial in every way for all Quebecers: in terms of our health, our local economy and our environmental footprint.

Sustainable food at the heart of Équiterre’s mission

For nearly 30 years, Équiterre has been devising solutions to provide Quebecers with healthy, local and environmentally responsible food, creating awareness in schools, hospitals and other institutions.

We’re constantly working to solidify and expand the movement for a resilient, sustainable food system. We encourage you to talk about sustainable food with your family and friends and to share our video on social media.

Let’s grow the movement for sustainable institutional food together!


Launched by Équiterre, Commun’assiette has been made possible by financial support from a number of partners: the Quebec Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPAQ) via Part I of the Programme de développement des marchés bioalimentaires in connection with SNAAQ, as well as Aliments du Québec; Fondation Choquette-Legault; the Ministry of Health and Social Services via the Table québécoise de la saine alimentation (TQSA). Major funding for the project’s creation came from the Système alimentaire montréalais (SAM) and the Foundation of Greater Montréal.

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