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What does it mean to help Équiterre?

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Faced with the environmental crisis, climate disruption and declining biodiversity, it’s normal to feel powerless at times. But to show that effective action is more accessible than we might think, let’s ask ourselves a simple question: what does it mean to be a member of Équiterre?

Much more than money

You may be surprised that 50% of Équiterre’s funding comes from individual donations, which help us to accomplish some amazing things!

A donation means a lot more than the amount itself. It means we can count on sustainable funding for our projects and activities. It allows us flexibility, makes us independent and enables us to react quickly to issues that concern us. A donation also adds political weight to our activism. In other words, your donation makes change possible!

So many ways to give

A one-time donation is great, but there are many other ways to make a difference. Recurring donations, regardless of their amount, provide an added value. They deliver more because they also provide security over a longer period of time.

Monthly donations allow us to execute our campaigns over the long term. They allow us to respond effectively to new developments, they increase our freedom to act. In short, they provide much more than a dollar value.

So that every dollar goes further

A little bonus

You can give without even thinking about it. How? By using the Bonusdollars Rewards Program offered by participating Desjardins credit cards. By doing so, you are able to help us without spending a dollar. The type of giving that can save you money! 😉

Eligible Visa Desjardins cardholders can make a donation to Équiterre by redeeming their Bonusdollars

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Have you been caught up in the holiday frenzy? Yes, overconsumption is only too real, but what if we told you that it was possible to give gifts and respect your environmental values? That would be enough to turn the Grinch into Santa himself!

Gift-giving wrapped in green

Give each person on your list the gift of a donation in their name. The money you spend will contribute to the ecological transition and help create awareness among your loved ones about the benefits of each contribution. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! And it comes with a nice festive touch: a virtual card will be sent to your loved one.

New Year’s resolutions?

For your New Year’s resolution, are you ready to make the switch to an electric vehicle or, better yet, a car-free lifestyle? What better way to improve your health, your wallet and the environment!

To do so, you can donate your car and help out your favourite environmental organization, all at the same time!
Here's how

As you can see, there are many ways to give, adapted to different realities. In so doing, you’re adding your voice to one of the strongest environmental organizations in Quebec and Canada — proving once again that to give is also to receive.

Contribute to a balanced lifestyle that respects the living world

Support our projects