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NDP platform: firmly grounded in the green, sustainable 21st century, says Equiterre

Montreal, April 11, 2011 – Equiterre welcomed the NDP 2011 platform. The proposals unveiled yesterday include cutting oil subsidies and redirecting revenues into energy conservation, green technologies and sustainable transportation.

Climate change
In addition to cutting oil subsidies, the NDP would put a price on carbon through a cap-and-trade system. The Harper government has repeatedly made the same promise, but has yet to act on it. Like the Liberals, the NDP promise to equitably redirect revenues across Canada raised through the auction of emissions permits.

Although the platform does specify a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 80% by 2050, it doesn’t spell out any short-term objectives.

The NDP also commit to getting Canada to once again respect our international obligations in the fight against climate change.

“Investment in ‘made in Canada’ green technology, cooperation with the provinces and territories to deploy renewable energy, the creation of a revolving fund to provide support for energy efficiency initiatives… The NDP platform offers Canadians a vision and a series of measures that are firmly grounded in the green, sustainable 21st century economy,” said Steven Guilbeault, deputy executive director of Equiterre.

The NDP platform also includes a much needed National Public Transit Strategy. Canada is one of the few industrialized nations not to have one. “Public transit should be the cornerstone of any strategy in the fight against climate change. Without public transit, it would be impossible to achieve the necessary reductions in greenhouse gas emissions,” explained Steven Guilbeault.

Marie-Eve Roy

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