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Let’s reinforce Canada’s food supply

We must demand ambitious agricultural policies for climate

The campaign 

Canadian and Quebec farmers are on the front lines of the impacts of climate change.

A new agricultural policy framework is currently being drawn up for the next five years and we all need to get involved to ensure that it will protect our food supply and that it lines up with the increasingly urgent ecological transition.

The latest IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report confirmed that rapid adaptation will be much less costly than the impacts caused by climate change. We need to act now.

Healthy soil and sustainable farming practices must be at the heart of framework's orientations in order to preserve and reinforce the resilience of our agricultural systems.

The future of our food supply hangs in the balance!

The opportunity

In July 2022, federal, provincial and territorial agriculture ministers will be meeting to finalize our new strategic agricultural framework. Équiterre is submitting a brief and is working hard to rally stakeholders and citizens to ensure that sustainable agriculture has a central place in the new strategic agricultural framework.

It's the perfect time reach out to our elected officials and tell them that our food supply is a priority.

Thank you for your participation!

Many of you participated in the campaign

  • 4800 Thanks to you, the Ministers of Agriculture of Canada and Quebec have received close to 4800 e-mails asking to include the 5 priorities in the next agricultural policy framework.

 Now more than ever, we must help our farmers adapt to climate change. The future of our food supply hangs in the balance! 

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