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Demand more durable goods that are more easily repaired

To make it easier to extend the lifespan of a product

The issues 

In this age of overconsumption, when humanity is using up natural resources more quickly than our planet is capable of replenishing them, too many resources are being used to produce goods that too rapidly become obsolete. Enough already with coffee makers and smartphones that need to be replaced every two years! We can no longer afford to operate in a system of production and consumption that is geared to replacing our goods with cheap new products rather than repairing them.

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A product that lasts a long time and that can be repaired helps to reduce the extraction of new resources to produce a new product, reduces the energy needed to manufacture and transport it, and reduces the amount of potentially toxic waste that ends up at the landfill. It also saves consumers time and money.

In order to make informed purchase decisions, consumers need information on the lifespan of products and on how they can be repaired. To offer a quality product, manufacturers must make it easier for consumers to repair it.

The government must introduce legislation to help the public prolong the lifespan of their goods as much as possible.

 Even if the will is there to break this vicious circle, the lack of information on reparability at the time of purchase makes the task difficult for consumers. Not to mention the often discouraging cost of repair: the price of the part that needs to be replaced plus the cost of labour often exceeds the purchase price of a new product. 

Amélie Côté

Analyst, Reduction at the Source

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