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Waste management

Reuse and reduction at the source are pivotal solutions to address the garbage crisis

Équiterre is working to encourage systemic changes in waste management practices to facilitate reduction at the source and reuse.

The challenge

There are too many items that end up in landfill or incineration whose useful life could have been extended, or that could have been diverted or better managed. The current garbage crisis is not only wasteful, but also a significant source of GHG emissions. We need to overhaul our production and consumption systems.

Businesses must be held accountable. Initiatives that foster reduction at the source, reuse and repair must be supported, promoted and developed.


of eliminated materials could have been recycled or composted

 There’s no shortcut to creating a less wasteful world. We must reduce the items and packaging that we don't need, make repairing accessible to all, and encourage second-hand products and reuse. 

Amélie Côté

Équiterre's work

For nearly 25 years, Équiterre has been promoting sustainable consumption.

We've been looking at waste management issues through a circular economy lens, focusing on reducing waste at the source.

Waste management issues are very important to the green transition, with the potential to create change in production and consumption practices in order to reduce resource extraction and pollution.

Équiterre has been working to encourage governments to reorient their waste management systems around reuse and reduction at the source.


  1. Equip the public and organizations to work together on waste management issues;
  2. Coordinate and collaborate with organizations who are active in reuse;
  3. Propose concrete solutions to support, promote and develop reduction at the source and reuse initiatives.

Our impact

21,600 signatures on a petition for a wine bottle deposit-return system

3 public consultations

48 people trained on waste management issues

Project history



Dépôt d'un mémoire proposant de mettre les contenants à remplissages multiples au coeur des priorités


Taking responsibility for our garbage

We participated in the commission of inquiry led by the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE) on waste management.


Sorting at the source

Announcement that the deposit-return system would be expanded to include all drink bottles.


Montreal, zero-waste objective. 

We submitted a joint brief with CRE-Montréal as part of the consultations on Montreal’s plan for waste management.



We launched a petition for a bottle deposit-return system by the SAQ.


We submitted a brief on regulating the distribution of promotional flyers in Montreal.


Recycling takes centre stage

We participated in a parliamentary commission on glass recycling.