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Implementation Guide : Improving Local Food Procurement in Quebec Schools

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The school provides an unparalleled opportunity for sustainable food education. It provides an opportunity to raise awareness and educate young people and to inform and educate families and communities. It is possible for any school to bring sustainable food and its values into their school, just "follow the guides"!

Read for:

  • Be supported with a tool in the implementation of different local procurement projects at school.

The Implementation Guide to Improving Local Food Procurement in Quebec Schools

This Implementation Guide is designed to help schools get their local procurement project off the ground and into the future. It describes the different steps to establish a solid foundation and ensure its sustainability. Schools are a fertile ground for developing new initiatives with the community that promote healthy lifestyles, the local economy and the environment.

The implementation of structuring initiatives in sustainable food supply and education in schools is based on 3 main pillars that are essential for the success of the projects :

  1. Access to healthy, local and environmentally responsible food for all students, notably by improving cafeteria menus, offering regular healthy snacks and a salad bar service;

  2. Practical learning and student involvement;

  3. The development of links between young people and their community through partnership and collaboration, a great way to experience the complementarity between the strengths of the school's project team and the community.