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Sign up for your summer organic baskets – to help our planet!

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You’re already well aware that getting organic baskets from the Family Farmers Network is good for your health and good for the local economy. But have you realized to what extent choosing to subscribe for organic basket has a positive impact on the environment? Discover how our family farmers’ agricultural practices and the short distribution circuit contribute to the fight against climate change.

I’m registering for my organic baskets to help our planet!

Farming methods that protect soils and biodiversity

The impact of healthy soils on climate change is not well known, but living soils can potentially store billions of tons of carbon per year. Farmers who work to maintain or regenerate the soils they cultivate are therefore also helping to fight climate change and soil depletion, as well as increasing the productivity of their soil.

To improve soil health, the family farmers who produce your organic baskets employ the following agricultural methods:

  • Organic soil amendments (green fertilizer, compost tea, animal manure);
  • Avoiding synthetic pesticides and genetically modified seeds;
  • Appropriate soil cover (cover crops, mulching, direct seeding);
  • Crop rotation;
  • Creating permanent beds so as to minimize field traffic;
  • Reduced tillage (little or no working of the soil) – some farmers don’t even use tractors!

Their techniques for battling invasive insect species promote biodiversity by encouraging natural predatory cycles:

  • Allowing for wildlife habitats between crops;
  • Creating habitats for predatory insects, birds, and bats.

Their methods also ensure responsible water management:

  • They collect and use rainwater;
  • They irrigate efficiently;
  • They manage their land in ways that increase water retention capacity.

Copyrights images : Ferme Croque-Saisons, Les jardins de la grelinette, Ferme aux Pleines Saveurs et Ferme la Bourrasque

A short distribution circuit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut down on the need for packaging and the use of preservatives

When you support local farmers, you also support the use of short distribution circuits. Our family farmers’ products travel an average of 100 km from farm to table, versus an average of 2,500 km for products that you’ll find at the grocery store. This is not only a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but organic baskets also contain food that needs a lot less preservatives and a lot less packaging (think zero waste!) since they don’t have to travel as far. A win-win-win solution for the environment, our health, and the local economy.

Copyrights photo : Ferme la Bourrasque

Healthy families, healthy environment, healthy local economy

By choosing local suppliers and subscribing to the Family Farmers Network organic baskets, you’re helping to limit climate change, restore biodiversity and support a productive and equitable food network. Your actions will have positive impacts for your family’s health, for our environment and for our local economy!

Équiterre encourages you to support local organic farming practices that feed our community while respecting our planet.

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Summer baskets season also means…a contest featuring great prizes! By signing up for organic baskets, you’ll be automatically entered into the “My Farmer, My Planet” contest for the chance to win one of these terrific prizes:

First prize: A Devinci HEX bike, worth $1,050 + taxes
Second prize: A "Vitalité Montréal" tour for two people with Round Table Tours, worth $270 + taxes
Third prize: A refund on your summer basket subscription, up to $450

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