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A Recipe for Successful Cooking Workshops

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Developed as part of the Schools Take Root project in collaboration with several partners, this practical guide is aimed at facilitating and maximizing the benefits of cooking workshops. It offers participants support for the organization, planning and conducting of these activities, as well as for post-activity reviews. The proposed steps and their sequence can be adapted to fit the needs of each community or establishment.

This guide was designed for school day care services, but can also be used by other stakeholders in the primary school community (ex., by teachers in their classroom) or in other settings (ex.: community groups, educational childcare services, etc.).

Cooking workshops: a key ingredient of healthy eating habits

Conducting cooking workshops with school-age children is an excellent way to promote the adoption of healthy eating habits early in life. These workshops offer kids an opportunity to:

  • discover, learn about and appreciate a variety of nutritional foods in a positive context;
  • develop and use cooking skills and knowledge that will serve them for their entire life;
  • associate a healthy diet with pleasure and self-realization.

In addition, cooking workshops are a great way:

  • to explore the different aspects of the child’s global development;
  • to touch on all the broad areas of learning;
  • to foster the acquisition of cross-curricular and cross-disciplinary competencies.

A Webinar to guide you

Watch this webinar, to help you put the guide into practice!