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Soup’s On! Educational Kit is a dynamic tool that aims to introduce the concept of responsible eating. Through the activities it presents, the kit invites students to look beyond their plate, to explore issues surrounding our current food system and to think about the impacts of their fod choices on their health, their environment and the world around them. By focusing on the development of social and environmental competencies and critical thinking skills and by proposing concrete actions, the kit helps students become agents of change for a more healthy, ecological and just world, for now and for generations to come.

Educational Kit Content

This kit proposes 7 complete and hands-on activities that explore responsible eating. 

The kit offers:

  • Three activities per cycle focusing on our food choices and their related impacts on our health, our environment and the vitality of local farms;
  • Engaging and ready-to-print appendices for students;
  • A list of complementary ressources to discover;
  • Concrete actions (in French only) to become more enlightened and responsible consumers;
  • Many multimedia references.

Consult the complete introduction guide

cycle ONE

Cycle two

  • 4. Food Sovereignty (in French only): Slideshow and video to explore food distribution inequalities and world hunger Pour explorer les problèmes de l'obésité et de la sous-nutrition. With its slideshow.
  • 5. Roleplay: the CAAAQ in Action! (in French only): Simulation of the 2007 CAAAQ hearings
  • 6. If I was a Farmer (in French only): Interactive story depicting realities facing Quebec farmers today
  • 7. A Pizza for the Planet: Analysis of the ingredients found in a classic favorite: pizza. With its slideshow (in French only).