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Policy recommendation

Strategy for Sustainable Agriculture

A long-term vision for farms, climate and health

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The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of climate change and environmental protection in its commitment to implement a Sustainable Agriculture Strategy (SAS) in the priority areas of soil health, climate adaptation and resilience, water, climate change mitigation and biodiversity.

To meet the challenges that await us in these areas, Équiterre has asked the government to act simultaneously on several levels to make the transition to a more sustainable agriculture: institutions, policies, and laws and regulations.

Read more to learn about :

  • Équiterre's actions to protect farmland and strengthen local food supplies, especially in institutions;

  • How, by accompanying farmers, institutional buyers and decision makers in the search for better solutions, we can build a more resilient agriculture.

This recommendation (in French only) was made by Équiterre on March 30, 2023 to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Sustainable consultations to help guide the development of a Sustainable Agriculture.

"Ironically, it is the short-term, narrow view of productivity centered on economics that now threatens the productivity: climate extremes, the collapse of living things and the inability of ecosystems to regenerate, soil degradation, and water pollution threaten farm profitability, diminish crops, and affect our food security."

Carole-Anne Lapierre

Analyst, Agriculture and Food Systems