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Time to Sign up for an Organic Basket!


The 2015 campaign for organic basket subscriptions has begun! With this flexible, user-friendly scheme, you receive fresh organic fruits and vegetables each week. Sign up soon for your preferred farm and drop-off point!

Easy and convenient

With more than 500 drop-off points across Quebec, you have various options for picking up your basket: at work or near your home, the daycare and public transportation. Your family farmer can also provide useful information—recipe ideas, tips on preserving produce, the next harvests—and an exchange basket so you can trade certain items. Organic baskets are available in the summer, from June to October. You can suspend delivery during holidays and can continue receiving baskets in winter.

Healthy delight

Each basket features 6 to 12 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. Signing up for a basket is a great way to ensure you eat the daily recommended amount of vegetables. Organic certification guarantees synthetic pesticide-free produce and farming practices that protect the environment.

Having a family farmer gives you something to look forward to each week. The sun-kissed vegetables are perfectly ripe and picked daily on a nearby farm. Supporting Équiterre’s network of family farmers also stimulates the economy, as the 100 farms involved across Quebec generate hundreds of jobs each year. The 13,000 or so subscriptions will feed nearly 40,000 people, and direct sales of over $6 million will be poured into local economic development.

Mouth-watering contest

Enter our contest on Facebook for a chance to win a season’s worth of organic baskets. Do it soon, though— the deadline is April 23.

If you’d like to be adopted by an Équiterre family farmer and sign up for an organic basket, visit You’ll also find over 150 recipe ideas for cooking with the veggies in your basket!

Organic basket

Under organic basket campaign people are able to get suitable organic foods and products with affordable cost. Organic basket campaigns promote and bring the awareness among people about the importance of organic foods and organic products; it helps to promote health, good eating habits and many other health issues.