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6 things to do for Nutrition Month

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March is Nutrition Month, and to celebrate, Équiterre has made a list of things that we can do towards adopting a more healthy and sustainable diet. Supporting our local crops and farmers, improving our food resilience and autonomy, making choices that are good for our health and for the health of the planet - here are 6 ways that we can contribute to more sustainable food systems in our communities.

Learn about the concept of a planetary health menu

In a food system that is often challenged by health and environmental crises, the notion of a "planetary health menu" encourages us to think differently about our food, from soil to plate. It calls for us to consider food consumption holistically, and to acknowledge its impacts on our health, our environment, and our finances.

Try organic baskets

It's no secret: farmers are on the front line dealing with the consequences of climate change. With over 30% of the world's soils classified as either poor or very poor, the primary culprit is intensive farming practices that degrade and deplete soil health, reducing its capacity to store carbon and threatening biodiversity. In light of this pressing challenge, the key is to implement sustainable soil conservation practices that benefit both the environment and agricultural production.

It’s not easy for our farmers, but you have the power to help them! By subscribing to the Réseau des fermiers et fermières de famille organic basket program, you can enjoy local produce directly from Quebec farmers! It's not just a smart choice; it’s a significant step towards the transition to a more resilient agricultural sector with lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This year, support local agriculture by subscribing to organic baskets

Call on the government to safeguard our farmland

"A living soil 🌱 is irreplaceable: It filters water, it’s a home to flora and fauna, and it nourishes us. Once paved over, it is lost forever."

We must conserve, protect, revitalize and effectively utilize our farmland! The SaluTERRE Alliance, a newly established coalition by Équiterre and our partners, aims to better protect Quebec's agricultural land and operations against the many threats jeopardizing our food autonomy and food security.

Our farmland is disappearing at the rate of 45 ice hockey rinks a day! The government must act to save our collective larder.

The government must take action to save our disappearing farmland

Take action

Discover how Quebec institutions are transitioning to healthy, local food

Individuals and families working towards healthier eating habits is fantastic, but when Quebec institutions help lead the transition, the impact is even stronger! Just imagine if the food services of all Quebec institutions sourced local, healthy food - it could have a major impact on planetary health...

To encourage sustainable food procurement in various Quebec institutions, Équiterre facilitates Commun'assiette, a community of practice and a web portal. Providing nutritious, local food in the cafeterias of daycares, schools, hospitals and workplaces is not only possible, it’s becoming more and more common.

For Nutrition Month, the portal is launching a new section dedicated to healthy eating, filled with tips and inspiring stories to help encourage Quebec institutions to adopt the right reflexes! Examples include Espace pour la Vie and, in particular, the Botanical Garden restaurant which, since 2020, has proudly offered a 100% ovo-lacto vegetarian menu (a diet excluding meat, poultry and fish).

Support the Bien manger à l’école ("Eat Well at School") initiative

Education is an essential part of the global food system, and an opportunity to promote healthy, local food in order to drive cultural change.

🍲 Did you know?

Canada is the only G7 country without a universal school food program? And that in Quebec, one child in 6 lives in a family with food insecurity? With current inflationary pressures, both underprivileged and middle-class families are feeling the strain. As a result, more and more children are going to school on an empty stomach, which affects their learning.

Équiterre and its partners have called for a universal school food program in Quebec. The initiative aims to provide all Quebec students, from preschool to high school, with healthy, sustainable, affordable snacks and meals, along with comprehensive food education. It seeks to ensure equal opportunity and food security for our children.

Call on the Quebec government to commit to implementing such a program:

Help us educate our youth about healthy and sustainable food

Do you know someone who works in a school, daycare centre, youth centre or day camp? Here’s some information that you could share with them!

Équiterre’s La marmite éducative is a platform that provides educators with a host of pedagogical tools and professional services to promote education about healthy, environmentally-responsible food. Acquiring healthy lifestyle habits should start early, and educational institutions have an essential role to play!

We’re currently running a "Win your educational activity” contest. By doing an activity from La marmite éducative during Nutrition Month, you could win one of 3 $500 prizes! All you need to do is to take photos of your activity (see contest details).

Register here before April 7

Take action for healthy, sustainable food by getting involved in these Équiterre initiatives! Spread the word, try new things and take concrete action with us to improve human and planetary health!