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Call for nominations: 5 Board of Director positions open

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Équiterre is an environmental organization working to make the necessary collective transitions towards an equitable and environmentally sound future more tangible, accessible and inspiring - by reorienting how we feed ourselves, how we get around and how we produce and consume.

Board of Directors

As a non-profit organization, Équiterre is governed by a Board of Directors which currently includes eleven individuals elected by Équiterre’s members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), for a renewable two year term.

Hailing from various professional, social and cultural sectors, Équiterre Board members have strong environmental values and are involved in their communities. Each Board member injects vitality into the organization in their own way, through their enthusiasm and ideas.

At the 2023 AGM, 5 of the 11 volunteer board member positions will be open to be filled by new candidates or by current members who wish to stand for re-election. The Annual General Meeting will be webcast and will be held at the end of April. A notice with the official date of the AGM will be sent to all members in the coming weeks.

What is the board member's role?

Working together with Équiterre’s management team, Board members ensure that the organization runs smoothly and is managed properly and efficiently. Candidates must have a personal interest in promoting the ecological transition. They must be available to attend 5 board meetings per year, including Équiterre’s annual retreat. Meetings are usually held in the evening, except for the annual retreat, which takes place during the day. Board members should also be available to serve on one of the Board's committees, where any additional meetings are dependent on the members and their availabilities (minimum of 1 meeting per year). In addition, directors also play a role in the search for independent private sources of income, such as fundraising activities, to help ensure that Équiterre maintains its financial independence.

*Please note that the next board meeting to elect officers will take place on May 10 from 5:30-8 pm. Candidates are asked to please keep this time slot available.

At the AGM, the Chair of the Board and the Treasurer table the 2022 Annual Report, budget and action plan for the current year, along with the financial statements for the previous year. Board members are also responsible for mapping out Équiterre’s strategic directions, and as part of this role, they oversaw the development of the Strategic Plan for 2021-2025.

What types of profiles are we looking for?

To ensure a broad range of expertise within our Board of Directors and to support all facets of governance, we are looking for candidates whose contributions can help enrich one or more of the following areas:

  1. Legal experience: As a non-profit organization, Équiterre requires an effective analysis of the legal issues involved in conducting our activities. We are therefore seeking candidates with a strong legal background and experience;

  2. Finance and risk management: it is critical that the Board be able to advise management on these matters and make recommendations to it through the Finance, Audit and Risk Management committee.

  3. Government Relations: Équiterre is in continuous contact with various levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) and a thorough understanding of how these various bodies work would be an asset to the Board.

  4. Philanthropy: With independent sources of funding providing a high level of independence in its operations, Équiterre’s board would benefit from expertise in the area of philanthropy;

To support the implementation of Équiterre’s strategic orientations, we are also looking for candidates who have a particular interest or expertise in one or more of the following: environmental and climate policy, energy transition, sustainable food and agriculture, circular economy, transportation and mobility.

Please note that all board meetings are held in French.