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23,870 Équiterre supporters against Bill 61

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23,870 Équiterre supporters responded to our call last week to add their name to our petition against Bill 61.

This avalanche of signatories in such a short period of time is unprecedented for an Équiterre petition. Our supporters, like us, and like the many other campaigns against PL61, were outraged at the government's attempt to circumvent certain environmental rules to move things along more quickly.

Our voices have been heard!

The environment is not an obstacle to reconstruction, it is the driving force behind it. Despite insufficient last-minute attempts to correct certain errors in Bill 61, the Legault government failed to have it pass last Friday. The response against it was too strong.

However, the Premier has stated his intention to put PL61 back on the table in September, with the opening of the parliamentary session. We must remain vigilant and mobilized because what was not acceptable in June will not be more so this fall.

We are encouraging elected officials to continue the dialogue and to work over the summer period to identify solutions that are both effective and coherent over both the short and the long term to enable us to address the environmental and economic challenges we face.

It is not only possible, but is essential to reconcile recovery, citizen participation, respect for the environment and democratic rights. The urgency to act cannot justify relaxing environmental requirements: on the contrary, it would create conditions conducive to the emergence of other health crises.

Thank you to all those who signed the petition

This is a great victory to be celebrated, but we must remain vigilant. The match is not over yet...