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Émilie Désiré—Giving time to a cause dear to her heart!

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Since arriving in Quebec nearly four years ago, Émilie has been involved in many environmental activities. After working with Les Amis de la Montagne on projects such as the reforestation of the mountain—the green symbol of Montreal—Émilie wanted to do even more.

She found her place with Équiterre. “When I arrived in Quebec, I wanted to volunteer to meet people and to help me adapt to Quebec culture. I focused on environmental organizations because they advocate for issues that are important to the future of the planet and dear to my heart,” she says.

It seems to be a successful collaboration, as she has now been working regularly with the fundraising team for over three years.

Although being a fundraising volunteer is not always easy, she has always done a great job, even after a long day at work in a bank, where her quick wit and logic are greatly appreciated.

Émilie’s involvement with Équiterre goes beyond soliciting donations, as she has also helped with the cocktail fundraiser two years in a row.

When asked what motivates her to continue helping this busy department, she said enthusiastically, “I’ve found a dynamic and motivated team that has inspired me to stay over the years.”

Thank you, Émilie, for your invaluable help and infectious energy.