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Local organic farmers offering you fresh produce all summer long

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131 family farmers offering 400,000 baskets of local organic produce

And they’re off! The 131 producers that make up the Family Farmers Network (RFF) across Quebec and New Brunswick are getting ready to provide upwards of 20,000 household subscribers with a delicious assortment of local organic vegetables throughout the summer.
They’ve been tending to their seedlings, grafting, and getting their equipment ready to be deployed in the fields. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to meeting the high standards for organic food quality and safety, not to mention the high expectations that new or longstanding subscribers have for their RFF baskets.

The producers are ready to take your orders and meet your needs. You can now reserve your supply of fresh, locally sourced organic produce from our family farmers!

When you subscribe to receive RFF organic baskets, you’re not only guaranteeing your family a supply of delicious food but are also reducing your carbon footprint, helping to enrich rural ecosystems and creating local jobs. Our producers live and work near you. RFF subscribers help generate local economic spin-offs worth over $12 million.

A new beginning for RFF with the CAPÉ

After a 24 year history of being managed by Équiterre, the Family Farmers Network has transitioned and is now squarely in the hands of the producers. As of January 1, 2020, it has been managed by the CAPÉ (Coopérative pour l’agriculture de proximité écologique). With a solid structure, an ever-growing membership and the increasing enthusiasm of consumers, the Family Farmers Network will continue to expand. Network members are dedicated to their mission of building and developing sustainable relations between consumers and local agricultural producers.

The success of the Family Farmers Network is due to its numerous partnerships. Équiterre, a significant part of the DNA of the Family Farmers Network throughout its entire history, remains a close collaborator. We will continue working together to promote regenerative and local organic agriculture.

The subscription period for the Network’s 2020 summer season is now open

Register now to enter the contest and tell your friends. Rest assured that our family farmers are working hard to ensure the safe and efficient supply of fresh produce from their homes to yours!