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Make a name for yourself for the 20th anniversary of our organic basket program

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For the 20th anniversary of the organic baskets of our family farmers’ network, Équiterre will unveil, in the next few weeks and up until the end of the year, 20 recipes from celebrities who share our values for healthy and local food.

Step in the spotlight too!

Make a name for yourself!

Come up with a simple, original and colourful recipe for the 20th anniversary of our organic basket program and make a name for yourself! The winning recipe will be the one that best showcases organic baskets using seasonal produce, a rainbow of colour and a dash of creativity. Reinvent a classic dish or make something completely different—just make sure it’s accessible to everyone, novice and experienced cooks alike.

How to take part

Participants must have an organic basket subscription. If you don’t already have one and want to meet the challenge, you can sign up here.

Send your recipe along with a photo of the finished dish (at least 500 pixels wide), a photo of yourself and a short paragraph explaining why you like our family farmers’ organic baskets to by5:00 p.m., July 20. We’ll be posting many of the recipes in the « Recipes » section of our website and on our Recettes pour paniers bio [Organic basket recipes] Facebook Group page (French only).