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Towards a new vision of repairing

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In this era where our appliances and electronics break so easily, why is it so difficult to get them repaired? To answer this complex question, Équiterre launched a vast, Canada-wide study in cooperation with academic partners, the repair community and environmental specialists. The study identifies tools and incentives that could be adopted to make it easier for people to repair their electrical appliances and electronic devices.

One of the study's key objectives was to better identify the challenges and obstacles to repair, both for consumers and repairers. The study paints a picture of the contrasting repair realities in Canada and it shines a light on the repair profession, which few Canadians are familiar with.

For a little preview while we await the unveiling of the study’s results on October 18, have a look at the following videos, which highlight the perspectives of two repair experts.

Passion for the repair trade

Camille Berdal, a repair technician at the Royal Photo certified repair centre in Montreal, is stimulated by her work because "the industry is in a constant state of flux and innovation."

Asked what motivates her clients to go the repair route, she offers a response that’s both inspiring and encouraging: "I feel there’s more environmental awareness. Customers want to keep their devices, because they still work and they don’t necessarily have to replace them."

Transforming people's purchasing habits

Repair contractor Félix Dion feels it’s important for consumers to change their habits and inquire about repair or maintenance options when buying an appliance. If the possibility of repair were to become a bigger consideration when consumers choose one household appliance over another, it goes without saying that the stores - and the manufacturers - would also have to take it into consideration.

If you’d like to learn more

Interviews with repairers are just one of the many elements of this Canada-wide study on access to repair of electrical appliances and electronic devices, which will be unveiled on October 18.

This is Canada’s very first study on access to repair and Équiterre is proud to be leading it. It includes recommendations on how changes can be implemented with all concerned stakeholders, including manufacturers, governments and the public at large, to improve access to repair.