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Organic baskets

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Why sign up for organic baskets?

Discover Équiterre’s solution to offer you year-round access to local and organic vegetables while also supporting the local family farmers in your area.

Savour the flavour of freshly picked vegetables every week, delivered near your home or place of work. Enjoy a variety of vegetables and the joy of eating in season. With no synthetic pesticides, the organic basket program encourages farming practices that respect the planet and the people who work the land.

Sign me up for my organic baskets!

Choose organic baskets, for taste and variety

  • Six to 12 varieties of fruits and vegetables per delivery
  • The fruits and vegetables are harvested ripe, the day before or even the same day as delivery
  • Enjoy the pleasure of discovering or re-discovering the taste of seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Organic meat available for order by some farms
  • "Extras" such as eggs, fresh herbs, honey and prepared foods offered by some farms
  • Winter baskets offered by some farms
  • Your family farmer will also share recipes with you, as well as tips on how to "put up" fruits and vegetables for winter eating. 

Choose organic baskets, for convenience and flexibility

  • The baskets are delivered to a delivery point near your home or workplace every week or every or two weeks by your local family farmer.
  • You have the option to choose your own vegetables as you would at a farmers market, and to exchange unwanted items in an exchange bin.
  • You have the freedom to put your deliveries on hold when you are out of town.
  • Choose from 600 delivery points across Quebec, New-Brunswick and Ontario for the summer season, and 160 delivery points in the autumn-winter period.
  • You have the option to pay in installments.

Subscribing for your organic baskets is to choosing your vegetables in solidarity with local family farmers who have chosen organic agriculture. It is a simple solution to help you eat local and organic all year-round and is good for your health and the health of the planet that supports us!

CHOOSE ORGANIC BASKETS To support the local economy and the next generation of farmers

  • Given that every day, Quebec loses a farm, your decision to support a small, organic farm makes a big difference. It helps keep farmers on the land, ensures a safe and healthy food supply, and boosts the local economy.
  • The Family Farmers Network, created by Équiterre, generates 6.5 million dollars per year in economic benefits to the Quebec economy.
  • Did you know that many of our family farmers are young people? Their average age is 38, whereas across Canada, the average age of farmers is 54

CHOOSE ORGANIC BASKETS for our health and for the environment

  • All of the farms in our network are certified organic or in the process of becoming so.
  • The synthetic pesticides used in conventional farming can seep through crops or leave traces on the surface of our food. Children are more sensitive to these products than adults. Their immune systems aren't as effective as the immune systems of adults at defending against them.
  • Organic farming promotes environmental balance via practices that preserve the health of soil, animals and ecosystems.
  • From field to table, the food in the grocery store travels an average of 2,500 km. By supporting local farmers, you help to reduce the distance your food travels, greatly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Family Farmers Network organic baskets are zero waste for the majority of farms - a reduction of packaging at the source. If it is really necessary, the packaging provided is often retrieved by the farmer (elastics, boxes, containers, etc.), or it is compostable or recyclable. Simply bring your own containers or reusable bags and you’re ready to go!

Subscribe for your organic baskets

Sign up to receive fresh and locally grown organic vegetables each week throughout the summer, from our friendly family farmers.