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Schools Take Root

To mobilize youth around healthy, local and sustainable food

Through a turnkey fundraising campaign, the Schools Take Root project promotes healthy, local and environmentally responsible food in schools and other youth settings in Quebec.

The challenge

Under the leadership of Équiterre, which gave birth to the project in 2016, Schools Take Root fundraising campaign has continued under the leadership of RFF since 2022. Schools Take Root is a turnkey alternative that helps fund projects through the sale of local organic vegetable baskets.

In addition to being an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about sustainable food among youth and their families, the project also supports local farmers, providing an opportunity to discover the delicious vegetables grown here in Quebec.

 Schools Take Root is a fantastic opportunity to educate young people about the importance of healthy eating, while at the same time raising funds for their schools. 

Murielle Vrins

Program Manager, Sustainable Food

Équiterre's work

Since 2016, the project has reached more than 268 institutions and 113,000 young people through more than 33,000 baskets sold.

Équiterre is very proud to have reached so many institutions and young people, for the health of families and the future of our planet, through a unifying and engaging campaign with the family farmers who feed us.

Initiator of the Schools Takes Root project, Équiterre promotes healthy, local and eco-responsible food in schools, educational childcare services and community organizations in Quebec through several projects that help create links between institutions and local farms.


  1. To enable youth, teachers, educators and families to discover, cook and enjoy more healthy, local and organic food;
  2. To educate youth on the importance of their food choices and encourage them to choose sustainable food;
  3. To support local and organic agriculture and encourage connections between farmers and their communities;
  4. To provide schools and families with tools to encourage lifestyle habits that promote the health of young people and of the planet, in addition to encouraging the local economy;
  5. To contribute to the food security of vulnerable families through solidarity baskets.

Our impact

Schools Take Root raises awareness among youth, families and schools about the importance of buying healthy, local food, while creating a direct and privileged link between schools and local producers. This project allows to engage and mobilize schools for the purchase of Quebec foods within their food services.

33,181 vegetable baskets distributed

55 Family Farmers Network participants

424 campaigns carried out in 196 institutions in 13 regions of Quebec

119 906 young people reached

Project history


Successful transition for RFF

In its first year under RFF, the project attracts 87 institutions and 28 farms


A sixth edition all about generosity

The project also tackles food insecurity thanks to the generous solidarity of numerous families, which makes it possible to supply a total of 464 solidarity baskets to the most vulnerable.


An edition based on the theme of resilience

The project adapts to the pandemic and deliveries continue to comply with health regulations.


Schools Take Root continues to grow

115 schools sell more than 11,000 baskets of organic vegetables to fund their projects, thanks to support from some 30 Quebec farms.


Project expands to all of Quebec

A total of 74 schools, early childhood settings and community organizations across Quebec participate in the project.


Fundraising campaigns launched

The project expands and is introduced in 20 schools and early childhood settings in Montréal and the Montérégie region.


First edition of Schools Take Root project

Two Montréal schools take part in an innovative fundraising campaign featuring organic vegetable baskets from two local farms..


Project Team

Le projet Écoles enracinées pour une alimentation saine, locale et écoresponsable, conçu par Équiterre, est mis en œuvre par le Réseau des fermier·ères de famille. Il a pris naissance au sein du Système alimentaire montréalais (SAM), en partenariat avec la Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM) et la Direction régionale de santé publique de Montréal. Il a été rendu possible grâce au soutien, entre autres, du ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation du Québec, de Metro, du Mouvement J’aime les fruits et légumes, de Bonduelle et d'Aliments du Québec.