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A campaign to stop GNL Québec

A hugely successful mobilization campaign against the proposed GNL Québec natural gas project

Campaign summary


90 % of the briefs submitted during the BAPE public hearings (by citizens, organizations and businesses) were against the GNL Québec project.

A huge victory!

Congratulations to all those who contributed to this huge success, the result of a five-year mobilization. It's over for the GNL Québec natural gas project, which was formally rejected first by Quebec in 2021 and then by Canada in February 2022.

The environmentally devastating project was trying to build a gas pipeline and a natural gas liquefaction plant on the Saguenay Fjord.

This win was the result of a vast mobilization of citizens and climate activists. Équiterre, its partners and a strong citizen ground force demonstrated, through various activities, that the GNL Québec project was unacceptable on all levels. This landmark win also sent a clear message to the industry that there is no place for fossil fuel projects in Quebec.

Campaign results

14 demonstrations held against the project

22 mobilization actions

2,533 briefs submitted during the BAPE hearings - a record number of submissions

More than 122,000 signatures on the petition against GNL Québec - one of the largest environmental petitions in recent Quebec history

Project history



The Quebec government rejects the project

The Legault government officially announces that it has rejected the project because it does not meet the conditions for social acceptability and for addressing the climate crisis.


The BAPE report is released and is devastating for GNL Québec. 

It's a turning point in the fight against the project.



Léger poll

Barely a third of Quebecers are in favour of GNL Québec's natural gas project.


Railway blockade in Nitassinan by the Collectif des premiers peuples défenseurs des terres ancestrales.


BAPE hearings begin, with a total of 2,533 briefs submitted. 

More than 9 out of 10 oppose the project.

Launch of the "We Deserve Better" communication campaign

By the coalition, in the lead up to the Bureau d'audiences publiques sur l'environnement (BAPE) consultations.


Launch of the petition against GNL Québec/Gazoduq

The petition will eventually garners over 122,000 signatures.


The Coalition against GNL-Québec is formed

This coalition include national and regional environmental organizations and citizen groups.


Announcement of Énergie Saguenay Project

Initial announcement and early stages of the project.