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Land use planning

Planning is at the root of the problem, but also at the core of the solutions when it comes to climate change.

The challenge

Urban sprawl affecting farmland and natural areas, the proliferation of highways and parking lots, the destruction of built heritage, heat islands...

For decades, there has been a lack of reflection and proper planning by the government when it comes to land use. The many issues that have resulted have had serious consequences on our environment, our health, our safety and our collective well being, especially for low income communities.

Land use planning has become a critical issue in the current climate crisis.

 Land use planning is an all-encompassing issue that affects us all directly, in our daily lives: it defines our relationship to mobility, it impacts our quality of life, it can result in the destruction of farmland. It's time to do something about it. 

Marc-André Viau

Director of Government Relations

Équiterre's work

Land use planning is a common thread in Équiterre’s political advocacy and citizen mobilization work across all our action areas. It is at the heart of the solutions to limit the effects of climate change and to help us adapt to them. Through reports, briefs and citizen mobilization, Équiterre has been working for many years and will continue to work towards better land use planning.


  1. Increase the share of travel by public and active transportation
  2. Limit agricultural rezoning and the expansion of road networks
  3. Declare agricultural land as a collective heritage
  4. Promote local products
  5. Value and strengthen natural infrastructures
  6. Develop attractive and healthy living environments

Our impact

+ 20 briefs presented over the years for public consultations

13,531 signatures on our petition against agricultural rezoning

80 individuals mobilized around public consultations for Quebec's new land use strategy

Project history



Équiterre submits its comments and recommendations for Consultation sur les orientations gouvernementales en aménagement du territoire.



New consultations on government orientations for land use planning are launched. 



A new policy for Quebec on architecture and land use planning.


Équiterre participates in the Sommet sur l’aménagement : Un point tournant pour l’avenir du Québec.



A national conversation is launched

Quebec launches a process to develop a Stratégie nationale d’urbanisme et d’aménagement des territoires (SNUAT). Experts, advocacy groups and citizens are invited to participate in a public consultation.


Mobilizing the population

Équiterre and its partners launch a campaign to raise awareness and to mobilize Quebec citizens to participate in the national conversation. We also submitted our recommendations.


With its partners, Équiterre presents an analysis of a series of interventions by the municipal sector that run counter to protection of the environment and the land.

2013 - 2017

Équiterre makes recommendations for the Quebec government's sustainable mobility policy.


Équiterre report: Changer de direction

on land use planning and transportation.

Webinar on land use planning

To encourage citizen participation in the public consultations on land use planning (September 2021) (in French)

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