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Annual report 2022

Courage and audacity

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Équiterre is proud to present its 2022 annual report, which outlines our many accomplishments in 2022, made possible with the help of our members and supporters.

A word from our Executive Director

Sobriety, reduction at the source, redistribution... These words, once used with some reserve, were heard loud and clear in 2022. They are central concepts to the ecological transition, and we have incorporated them into our key messaging at Équiterre. With regards to our food and mobility choices, and how we consume energy and material goods, significant progress is possible through a shift in our systems, our perspectives and our priorities towards sobriety and environmental justice.

These principles and ideas are not always welcomed; they can even be viewed with hostility by some. There were some strong reactions to Équiterre’s campaigns this year, fuelled by a reticence to change by vested interests. Our economic system and the advertising industry that fuels it are powerful, and they must be transformed to better fit within planetary limits.

Courage is needed to challenge these entrenched systems – not to mention dexterity and

openness in order to be heard. Through our efforts to create awareness, mobilize and advocate, Équiterre can be a disruptive force. We know that moving people out of their comfort zones can stimulate important reflection and debate, and can unite people toward action.

A genuine ecological transition will require major changes to the ways in which we get around, how we nourish ourselves, how we consume and how we occupy the land. And to successfully achieve it, the transition must be equitable and inclusive.

A sizeable challenge, yes. But for nearly 30 years, Équiterre has worked alongside Quebecers to defy and transform existing social norms, paving the way for systemic change.

What we have accomplished is remarkable, but the task before us remains both daunting and pressing. Together, we will continue to take bold and courageous action to break the inertia and to convince our governments to follow the will of the citizens. The future that we are trying to build depends on it.

Colleen Thorpe, Executive Director

Executive Director

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