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Policy recommendation

Fighting the disposable culture

Reducing plastic as a starting point - Encouraging reuse and reducing waste at the source

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To reduce the reliance on single use items in all spheres of consumption, reduction and reuse must be at the heart of proposed solutions.

Tackling plastics alone will not suffice: it is indeed the single use culture that we must urgently question. We must drastically reduce the constant flow of plastic materials to our landfills and in our environment. It’s imperative that we move away from the ideology of simply "better managing waste" and instead confront the disposable culture.

Have a look at this brief in order to:

  • Better understand what's wrong with the Quebec government’s current plastic strategy;

  • Understand how reuse and reduction at the source can be levers for reducing single use;

  • Discover the impact that Équiterre’s recommendations could have on our consumption patterns.

These comments were submitted by Équiterre to Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment, the Fight Against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks as part of the consultation on the Stratégie de réduction et de gestion responsable des plastiques au Québec 2024-2029.

  • pdf  - 0.71 mb Des actions structurantes pour soutenir la réduction à la source et le réemploi

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