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The deposit refund system must be improved

To better reuse and recycle our drink containers

The issues

  • Over a billion glass and plastic containers will be sent for disposal by the time the deposit refund system is fully rolled-out in March 2025.
  • 2 million plastic containers wasted every day in Quebec.
  • 77 % of Quebecers felt it was urgent to take action on the issue of recyclable materials sent to landfill.

Since 2020, we have been eagerly anticipating the government’s planned modernization and expansion of the deposit refund system. The plan, which was finally unveiled in the summer of 2023, was bitterly disappointing in that it didn’t go nearly as far as the government had promised.

  • The implementation of the new deposit refund system is far too slow. As we wait, containers that could have been returned for refund are being disposed of otherwise.

  • The revised refund amounts are too low, and so out of step with the current economic context that they won’t improve container recovery rates.

  • The plan doesn’t encourage refillable container systems, a great solution for reducing waste.

Our expert explains

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  • What is the deposit refund system?
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  • Disappointment at the government's lack of ambition
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The opportunity

We’re working to pressure the government to accelerate the full implementation of the deposit refund system and to modify the refund amounts to improve return rates.

The government has been talking about expanding the system since January 2020. It’s time for action. It has the power to expedite the implementation of the system, or at least to stop delaying its roll-out.

We ask the Minister of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks to respect the deadlines set for the implementation of the extended deposit refund system, to increase the deposit amounts to encourage a better return rate, and to encourage refillable container systems.

We can't have any more delays on the deposit refund system

Take action!

  1. Demand action by the government


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