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Équiterre’s Running Electric Campaign in full swing for Electric Vehicle Week

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Équiterre’s Running Electric Campaign in full swing for Electric Vehicle Week

Montreal, May 27, 2019 - To celebrate Electric Vehicle Week in Québec, Équiterre’s Running Electric campaign has coordinated an electric vehicle test drive movement with more than 80 car dealerships and other organizations across the province, to give drivers the opportunity to experience driving electric. Electric Vehicle Week is an opportunity for the public to learn more about the many benefits of electric vehicles (EV) and to try out some of the more than 45 models available in Quebec.

Government rebates help move EVs towards price parity with gas-powered vehicles

Both the federal and provincial governments now provide subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. The up to $13,000 combined rebates on the purchase of an EV has put the cost of some electric cars on par with their gas-powered equivalents for the first time in Quebec. Rebates are also provided for the purchase and installation of charging stations at homes, workplaces and multi-unit dwellings. The more motorists who switch to electric because of these subsidies, helping to scale up the production of EVs, the sooner the costs of EVs will come down to where subsidies are no longer necessary.

Why is the switch to EVs so important?

“The transportation sector accounts for 40% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Quebec, making it a sector with much potential for reductions as we strive to meet our Paris Accord objectives,” states Ryan Worms, Équiterre’s Director of Communications. “While we encourage the public to use active or public transportation as much as possible rather than driving, for those people who need a car on a regular basis, electric vehicles are a very low GHG option in Quebec because they use hydroelectricity. If you’re considering a new vehicle, the Running Electric campaign makes it clear: clean, practical and cost-efficient, EVs are the smartest and most responsible choice.”

Running Electric campaign: Promoting electric vehicles in Quebec

Équiterre’s Running Electric campaign, supported by Transition Énergétique Québec and other stakeholders*, seeks to inform and help guide motorists in their EV purchase decision. Its website,, includes a comprehensive Electric Vehicle Guide, a centralized list of available EV test drive opportunities throughout the province, and a calculator that helps you find the EV that best suits your needs and calculates your potential savings and the environmental benefits.

*The Running Electric campaign was developed by Équiterre, with the support of Transition Énergétique Québec and the Union des Municipalités du Québec, Innovative Vehicle Institute, Association des véhicules électriques du Québec, Hydro Québec, Corporation des concessionnaires d’automobiles du Québec, Corporation des concessionnaires d’automobiles de Montréal, Regroupement national des Conseils régionaux de l'environnement du Québec and CAA-Québec.

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