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When will we have 100% electric school buses throughout Quebec?

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Did you know that only 1% of school buses in Quebec are electric?

Transportation is responsible for 43% of our GHG emissions in Quebec. To respond to the climate crisis, we know that we need to improve all of our transport systems, and school buses are one piece of the puzzle. The good news is that Quebec is very well positioned in the school bus electrification sector.

What are we waiting for to transition our fleet of diesel-powered school buses to 100% electric?

Well, change can sometimes be more complicated than we might think. But at Équiterre, “complicated” doesn’t scare us!

With strong conviction, Équiterre has led efforts over the past few years to mobilize various stakeholders and to better understand the forces working both for and against this transition. We then raised awareness among politicians, institutions and school bus fleet managers about the many benefits - social, health, environmental and economic - of transitioning to electric school buses. We also educated the general public about school bus electrification, and its direct impact on our children’s health.

Our efforts are having an impact

On April 23 2021, we were delighted to see the Quebec government announce $250 million for school bus electrification. A goal has been set that 65% of Quebec’s school buses will be electric by 2030.

This funding has eliminated one of the major obstacles of the transition. The amortization of the additional purchase costs is approximately 5 years.

We still have a long road ahead, but Équiterre’s Mon autobus branché campaign, combined with our government relations efforts, is helping make this important transition a reality.

For our children’s health and for the health of the planet we’re leaving them, let’s get rolling with school bus electrification!

Are you on board? For more information, visit our school bus electrification page, and spread the word!