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What's the Quebec government's environmental record for the past four years?

Marc-André Viau

Director, Government Relations

Published on 

The latest parliamentary session just ended in Québec City and elections are imminent. Here is a brief rundown of what the Quebec government has accomplished over the past four years.

If we look at their record compared to what was proposed at the beginning of their mandate in 2018, we can say we are pleasantly surprised. However, if you look at it in relation to the climate emergency, it's pretty thin.

Listen to Marc-André’s report

(in French)

For a more detailed analysis, I invite you to consult the summary in the tables below.

Here are the good moves 👍

Here are the bad moves 👎

The oversights 😬

The next government will have to decide on ways to do better in the areas of sustainable mobility, biodiversity, land-use planning and food autonomy. We can no longer accept a regulatory system that fails to protect our environment.

Make your voices heard

Your elected representatives and candidates will be attending events in your area this summer. Go out and meet them and tell them that we expect better. If you haven't done so already, join our campaign to ask the Quebec government to #DoBetter.