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The government of Quebec must #DoBetter

The Quebec government must be more coherent, more transparent and more ambitious on environmental issues.

The campaign

Quebec’s Environment Minister recently proclaimed that he simply can't do more. We’re asking him to #DoBetter.

Do better on sustainable mobility.
Do better for biodiversity.
Do better on land use planning.
Do better on food autonomy.

At Équiterre, we’re concerned by the recent piecemeal announcements by a government that seems to be navigating without a compass. And we’ve been hearing from lots of concerned citizens.

An important message from our Director of Government Relations

The opportunity

In the months leading up to the election this fall, we’re demanding that the Quebec government #DoBetter.

Doing better starts with simple common sense, such as protecting our nourishing farmland rather than giving it away to the highest bidder.

4 issues that should concern us all

  1. An attack on environmental regulations and public participation
  2. Investing public funds without a clear vision
  3. Rezoning our farmland
  4. Phantom strategies (that we have been waiting for for far too long)

For more details on these issues, see Marc-André’s blog posts:

Take action

  1. Step 1

    Send an email

    Demand that the Quebec government #DoBetter

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