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Would you like to have electric bikes at your workplace? Ask your employer!

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One year after its launch, the success of our Vélovolt campaign clearly shows that the Electrically Assisted Bike (EAB) has a bright future as a means of transportation in Quebec.

Vélovolt, which provides organizations with the opportunity to provide free electric bike trials for their staff team, has been creating many electric bike enthusiasts at the 10 companies that have so far participated. Having the chance to give EABs a try, many participants are convinced that the electric bike is the best way to travel from home to the office and back.

"Participants were unanimous in reporting a positive experience, with more energy at work, a better mood and a sense of pride. All around positive!" - Mélissa Magny, Coordinator of the Vélovolt project at the CJE Trois-Rivières/MRC des Chenaux

Vélovolt in numbers...

  • 200 long-term trials (2-4 weeks) between September 2021 and August 2022;
  • 1000 Nearly 1,000 trials planned for 2023;
  • 28 000 Over 28,000 individuals reached in the 10 organizations;
  • 93% of participants interested in using EABs to commute to work;
  • 55% of participants believe that they could "often" replace their car with an EAB

Would you like your company to participate? Just ask your employer!

Registration is now open for the 2023 Vélovolt trials! Have a look at our resources for getting your employer to join the Vélovolt campaign.

Businesses have everything to gain by making cycling the preferred mode of transportation for their employees:

  • increased employee concentration and productivity;
  • increased employee well-being;
  • pride in the fact that your company is helping to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from road transportation.