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We must protect our farmland and our ability to feed ourselves

Our farmland continues to disappear year after year because of urban sprawl and financial and real estate speculation.

Campaign summary

Despite the desire of the public and of the government to promote local food and food autonomy, the numerous instances of or attempts at rezoning agricultural land in recent years demonstrate the importance of remaining vigilant with regards to protecting our farmland.

In December 2020, Équiterre launched a petition calling for a moratorium on agricultural rezoning. The petition coincided with a province-wide conversation lead by the Quebec government that sought to develop a comprehensive vision of land use planning. Équiterre submitted the 13,531 signatures from our petition against agricultural rezoning to the government, along with our recommendations to help build a vision of land use planning that would avoid the destruction of farmland and of natural environments.

Thank you to all those who added their voices to our call to better protect Quebec's farmland and food supply!

Our impact

13,531 signatures against agricultural rezoning

Project history


Pour concrétiser des changements à fort impact pour la protection des terres et des activités agricoles tout en informant la population ainsi que les décideurs de tous les paliers, Équiterre initie l'Alliance SaluTERRE.


Petition against agricultural rezoning submitted to the Quebec Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing.


Launch of the petition against agricultural rezoning

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Project team

Senior Analyst, Agriculture and Food
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