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Équiterre launches an awareness campaign on the impacts of large vehicles

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Montreal, May 9, 2022 - Équiterre’s new advertising campaign seeks to create awareness among Quebecers about the many consequences of opting for a larger vehicle.

The #NoSUVForMe campaign’s social media and radio ads highlight the problems that arise with the addition of more and more large vehicles, such as SUVs, on our roads.

"As a society, we need to better understand the consequences of the proliferation of large vehicles on our roads. For those who are considering buying a large vehicle like an SUV, or think that they need a large vehicle, our campaign seeks to get them to reflect on their needs and to encourage them to opt for either a smaller vehicle or another means of transportation," explains Andréanne Brazeau, Équiterre’s Mobility Analyst.

"Clearly, we want people to think about the impact of their vehicle’s size on the climate, but also on road safety and their personal finances. Before purchasing a vehicle, it’s important to think about what our needs truly are, to question the amount of solo driving in our society, and to consider the alternatives,” adds the analyst.

Climate, safety and finances

Framed in a similar way as the ads that usually promote large vehicles, the campaign messages instead explain their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, their impact on the safety of other road users (such as pedestrians) and on personal finances.

"Based on our research, we understand that for many people, these impacts are not necessarily on their radar. So our ads clearly explain them, with a touch of humor, to get people to really start reflecting on them and talking about them. With more information, they can better assess their options," says Andréanne Brazeau.

Quebec’s GHG emissions are still rising, and the explosion in the number of SUVs and other light-duty trucks on our roads is the main cause of this increase since almost a decade. In 2020, for every electric vehicle sold, 15 light-duty trucks took to the roads.

"Transportation is our Achilles heel when it comes to climate, and our collective refusal to act on the issue of large vehicles shows a great lack of coherence and courage. Équiterre’s new campaign seeks to address this deficiency," the analyst concludes.


The "No SUV for Me" campaign is coordinated by Équiterre with financial support from the Government of Canada.

Collaborating partners include Accès transports viables, the Automobile Protection Association, CAA-Québec, Chaire Mobilité de Polytechnique, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Fondation québécoise d'éducation en sécurité routière, HEC Montréal, Option consommateurs and Piétons Québec.

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