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Assess what your true needs are

An awareness campaign on the impacts of SUVs

Compare the impacts of two vehicles

Have you decided you really need a vehicle, being unable to get around via active transportation, public transport, carpooling or car sharing? Before choosing an SUV, compare different vehicles with this tool. It demonstrates the impact of each vehicle and can shine a light on the different possibilities available to you, based on your real needs.

Why take action?

  • SUVs are responsible for 50% of the increase in GHGs in Quebec.
  • On average, an SUV produces 20% more GHGs than a car.
  • An SUV costs $10,000 more than a car and $4,000 more per year.
  • SUVs are involved in collisions with pedestrians 2x as often as cars.
  • SUV collisions are 28% more fatal for other drivers
  • Pedestrians and cyclists hit by vehicles with hoods 90 cm high are 30% more likely to suffer fatal injuries than those hit by with hoods 10 cm lower.
  • SUV collisions with bicycles cause 55% more severe injuries to cyclists than collisions with cars.



« SUVs pose a risk to pedestrian safety and harm our living environments. This campaign speaks to Équiterre’s strategy of considering SUVs’ crosscutting impacts on our society and of partnering with multiple groups to tackle their proliferation head on. »

Sandrine Cabana-Degani

Executive Director of Piétons Québec

Take action!

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Campaign Team

The "Assess what your true needs are" campaign is coordinated by Équiterre with financial support from the Government of Canada.

This project was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

Collaborating partners include Accès Transports Viables, the Automobile Protection Association, CAA-Quebec, the Canada Research Chair in the Mobility of People, the David Suzuki Foundation, the Fondation québécoise d'éducation en sécurité routière, HEC Montréal, Option Consommateurs and Piétons Québec.