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For more durable and repairable goods

Équiterre conducts research and proposes solutions to make things last longer

The challenge

When we look at an item in our hands, we only see the tip of the iceberg of all the resources that were needed to produce it.

The current overexploitation of resources, combined with increasingly short life cycles for many products, is unsustainable. To produce a cell phone, it takes 600 times its weight in resources!

We know that we need to make our products more durable and last longer, especially considering the current waste crisis.

Équiterre's studies on obsolescence and on access to repair point to many possible solutions. Now we need to take action!


of Canadians had their appliances or electronics repaired in 2020-2021. It’s not enough.

Equiterre, 2022

 We can no longer afford to operate in a system of production and consumption that favours low-cost replacement items over repairing existing ones. 

Amélie Côté

Amélie Côté, Analyst, Reduction at the source

Équiterre's work

Équiterre is working to make consumer practices that focus on reduction at the source, reuse, repair and sharing more accessible.

Since 2018, Équiterre has been creating awareness among governments about the importance of the reparability and durability of goods.

Several solutions exist to make our objects last longer. Access to repair is a priority action area.

Équiterre has conducted two pan-Canadian studies to create a portrait of the current situation. The first, in 2018, analyzed the reality of consumers in terms of obsolescence of household appliances and electronics.

The obsolescence report gave us the impetus to go further, by looking at access to repair. Why don't people repair anymore? Why do our appliances break so easily and what can we do about it? In 2022 Équiterre conducted a vast Canadian study to find answers to these questions.

In order to better understand the reality in Quebec, further research was conducted with consumers and with the repair community in the province.

Project history



The Repairability Act is passed! 🎉

An essential step in defining a legislative framework that promotes access to repairing our objects.


Équiterre submits its recommendations to the provincial government

Our aim is to ensure a bill that will change Quebec's right to reparation for the better.


A great step forward to make repair more accessible in Quebec

A long-awaited bill is finally announced!


14,377 signatures on a petition calling for durable and repairable goods


The first ever pan-Canadian study on access to repair

Publication of the first Canadian study on access to repair for appliances and electronics, including a portrait of the situation in Quebec.


Planned obsolescence is addressed by legislation!

Passage in principle of Bill 197: An Act to amend the Consumer Protection Act to fight planned obsolescence and assert the right to repair goods.

Petition to Demand more durable goods that are more easily repaired

Équiterre members and supporters are mobilized to demand that the Quebec Consumer Protection Act be modernized to include the durability and reparability of goods.


Repair is getting more visibility in Quebec

Équiterre participates in the Office de la protection du consommateur's public consultation on the durability and reparability of goods.


First pan-Canadian study on obsolescence

Publication of the first Canada-wide study on obsolescence of electronics and electrical appliances.


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