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Let's reverse the trend!

Join us in calling on Canada to better regulate advertising for gas-powered cars. Let's reverse the trend toward gas-guzzling, oversized vehicles on our roads.

The issues

Yet, despite the numerous impacts that gas-powered vehicles have on our environment, our health and our safety, there are no specific regulations in place to limit their promotion.

Automobile advertising in Canada is rampant, ranking at the top of digital advertising charts.* Consumers are constantly being exposed to ads for gas-powered vehicles, which are increasingly getting bigger and more energy-inefficient.

Tighter regulation on advertising would be a concrete solution, at no cost to citizens, to make automobile advertising practices more compatible with the fight against the climate crisis.

* 2018 data

En ce moment, le ministreFrançois-Philippe Champagne (FPC) prévoit une réforme de la loi sur la concurrence qui est ouverte aux avis en consultation. Le ministre doit profiter de la réforme actuellement en cours pour préparer les entreprises et le public à l’économie carboneutre de demain. Nous lui avons écrit à ce sujet.


Nearly half of all new car buyers say they are influenced by some form of media.

Équiterre study published in 2021

Notre travail

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